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If you have made a payment via wire transfer, you can make a notification from this field.



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Attentions when making transfer :

In order to avoid a cancellation of your order, you must pay money order within 3 business days. Orders not received payment will be cancelled automatically at the end of 3 business days.

In order to process your order's transfer / EFT payment, 6-digit order number must specify.

You should not write text other than your 6-digit order number in the description section.

On behalf of the recipient in the transfer / EFT payment transactions  ELİXİR DIŞ TİCARET ŞİRKETİ you should write.

You can speed up your order processes by filling out a payment notification form from the customer service page with 6-digit order number

When is the money transfer approved?

Payments made to our Yapıkredi accounts are processed within the same day before 17: 00. (Order number must be entered in explanation section.)

Money order / EFT payments made by specifying the order number from internet banking or bank branch are processed faster than ATM payments. As the order number cannot be entered for payments made from ATMs, the duration of the payment control and delivery of the order may be extended.