Ammonia Free Hair Dye Set

    Ammonia Free Hair Dye Set

    24.00 TL
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    Volu Max Hair Dye Ammonia Free and Creatine and Vitamin B5 :

    • A new and advanced formula of Italian VOLU MAX hair dye cream packed in Turkey.
    • Natural dye that does not harm the hair or pregnant women.
    • Contains nourishing creatine for hair, which gives hair super smoothness.
    • It contains vitamin B5, which stimulates and nourishes the hair bulb and makes hair strong, soft and shiny like silk.
    • Volu Max hair dye gives the hair beautiful and attractive colors.

    • Mix a standard of VOLU MAX hair dye with a standard and a half of its own oxygen (60 ml of the dye versus 90 ml of oxygen) and then use it according to known principles.
    • Wash your hair with clean water, then use the mixture according to the ingredients listed.
    • You will get the best results in 30 - 35 minutes.