Special Offer - Pro Collagen 2+1

    Special Offer - Pro Collagen 2+1

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    Collagen: an elixir of vitality, vigor and a lasting youthfulness.

    It contains a high concentration of collagen with hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, glutathione, coenzyme and biotin.

    • A dietary supplement that compensates for the body's lack of collagen.
    • Maintains the freshness and elasticity of the face.
    • Resists the appearance of wrinkles in the skin.
    • It strengthens hair follicles and restores hair's luster and healthy, natural shine.
    • It removes most of the effects of aging pallor around the lips and eyes.
    • It treats pain caused by arthritis.
    • It works to nourish, strengthen and improve the performance of all muscles in the body.
    • It strengthens bones, tendons and nails.
    • Helps relieve back and neck pain.
    • It helps to eliminate fatigue, sleep effects and working for long hours.